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Silicone glue pins and rings by Santa Carol.


Pencil shavings pin


Silicone and letters rings


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Pins inspired by the pc era. By Mrs Rudess and Mr Pioui.


Mac Powerbook  pin by Mr Pioui


“delete + Esc” keys pin by Mrs Rudess


“Wake Pause/Break Sleep End” keys pin by Mrs Rudess

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Sheeps and ducklings pins, rings and earrings with fimo clay by Mr Pioui.





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Pins and rings with fimo clay by MrPioui. Delicius!


mash, peas and chickenlegs!


bacon and eggs!


sandwich with side potatoes!




chickenlegs with side potatoes!

burger plate!

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Fimo pins with prairie theme by MrsRudess





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Measure tape pins by Santa Carol.

blue berry jelly

the dressmakers kit

Candy Mania!

Lennon Mania

White Cherry

Vintage Green

Marilyn Monroe

Baby Pin

Red on green berry gelly

This boot is made for wearing


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